Both aero and incredibly light, stiff and precise, comfortable and absolutely thrilling to ride. A bicycle frame moulded in one single piece. Together these characteristics produce noticeable performance gains.

You don’t have to be capable of 40kph + sustained speed to reap the aero, and momentum gains, that most high end carbon bikes require from their riders. Even at lower speeds you will notice the difference. You will feel the momentum build from speeds as low as 25 kph. You will be surprised at how effortlessly you will accelerate; You will require noticeably fewer Watts to reach your target speeds. Your aero bike will climb as well as the lightest climbing bikes. And your descents will be faster, more assured and more thrilling.

With Gram Carbon, you can truly enhance your performance, exceed your own expectations, achieve new PBs.

However, don’t just take our word for it. See below what riders like you have to say about their GramCarbon bike builds, and check out our Instagram feed for more posts by GramCarbon riders


"GramCarbon has enabled me to continue racing competitively thanks to its lightweight and comfortable ride giving me fresh legs for the run. I can’t recommend it more highly After a career in sport at the highest level. as I turned 60 and having won Gold in my age group in Chicago in 2015, I had resolved to give up triathlon due to the physical impact of racing at that level… and then I discovered GramCarbon. Today 4 years later, my performances are better, and I am once again enjoying the sport of triathlon." Watch on Youtube

Christos Garefis

Chris rides a GramCarbon Atto frame in TT set up, with Lightweight carbon wheels, Dura Ace groupset.

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"I have been competing and coaching triathlon for nearly 30 years. I have ridden some of the top bikes from the top brands in the sport. I can genuinely say that my experience of riding Gram is truly unique. What impresses me most is how easily it accelerates and how it seems to slip through the wind, which in non-drafting races is a critical advantage." Watch on Youtube

Vassilis Krommidas

Vassilis rides a GramCarbon Yocto frame in TT set up, with Shimano Dura Ace carbon wheels, Ultegra di2 groupset.

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