You can choose to buy one of our frames, stand alone, or as a complete bike build.

Standard Frames
Our standard frame shape is available in two performance options based on different lay-ups and material combinations (albeit with the highest quality carbon and resins):

1. Atto: Out and out performance – stiffness and lightness over comfort – for stronger, more aggressive riders who are happy to sacrifice a measure of comfort for performance. Find out more about the Atto frame

2. Yocto: Demonstrably the best combination of stiffness, lightness, and comfort, with more compliancy. For performance seekers who are not willing to compromise on comfort, our Yocto frame can offer you the best of both worlds in one frame. See more about the Yocto frame here

Both frames have the same geometry, aero characteristic and similar lightness. Both can be used to create an extraordinary road-bike build, or alternatively can be set up as a Time Trial or Track bike build.

Not sure which is right for you? You can always try before you buy. Simply email us or fill out the Test ride form here and we will make the necessary arrangements. Once you have made your choice we will build your frame to order, and advise you on assembly choices. You can choose your paintwork too. A standard Gram frame size does not mean a standard bike!

Every Gram frame is made to order. There is nothing ordinary or standard about our frames. However, you may wish for more. You may want a frame that is lighter still, or more comfortable, or in a non-standard size, that can push your performance limits even further.

You may require more than a custom frame – you may seek a truly unique bike with a unique performance goal or outcome in mind.

We undertake bespoke development for individual clients. Find out more here.


Whats in the name?


Intended use: Performance and Endurance racing without compromise


Intended use: Intended use: Performance & Road Racing