Services Design Services

Our company offers the following services for the design and production of composite parts.

Design services for composite products, especially sporting goods such as bicycle frames and other bicycle parts

This includes:

  • CAD We design the product you want in 3D or 2D. This includes molds for composite structures and metal parts.
  • CFD We offer Computational fluid dynamics calculations services for the estimation of the aerodynamic behavior of a part or assembly.
  • CAE We offer Finite elements analysis for composite or metal parts. This includes linear static, nonlinear static, dynamic and fatigue analysis.
  • CFRPΜ and CAM We produce composite or metal parts for you including molds.
  • CMM We offer inspection services for molds or parts and give you quality control reports.


We materialize the designs (made by us or you) by constructing the prototype for you. Our specialty is composite structures.

Production runs

We produce top end quality parts for you, especially from composite materials.

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