• Gram Carbon is a post-prototype specialist bicycle manufacturer with a unique design and manufacturing knowhow.

    We have used this knowhow to achieve an extraordinary feat: to produce bicycle frames and components that are both aero and incredibly light, stiff and precise, and both comfortable and absolutely thrilling to ride.

    The Gram carbon bike was originally conceived by Alexandros Kitselis, a recognised advanced materials expert with a passion for cycling and an ambition to design and realise the best performance bike ever built.

    Our core bicycle frame capability is based on the work of Alexandros Kitselis who has spent 15 years perfecting design and manufacturing techniques inspired by Aerospace-grade technologies, initially through PhD theoretical and applied studies and through thousands of hours of prototyping.

    The techniques perfected are the subject of patents pending. They depart from industry norms applying a uniquely different build approach.

    The outcome of this work is a bicycle frame which is moulded in one single piece (a true monocoque) to the highest manufacturing and quality standards. Each frame is largely handmade. The techniques used require a long build cycle time relative to other manufacturers. The properties of the materials and this true monocoque design and build are simply unrivalled by any other bike manufacturer. There is no gluing or bonding of tubes, no compensatory reinforcements required, no excess weight, no imbalances.

    Once you ride a Gram Carbon bike you will find that it sets a new benchmark where it matters most for cyclists and triathletes.

  • Both aero and incredibly light, stiff and precise, comfortable and absolutely thrilling to ride. A bicycle frame moulded in one single piece. Together these characteristics produce noticeable performance gains.

    Naturally we marry our frames to the lightest and the most appropriate wheelsets and components to push your performance gains further.

    You don’t have to be capable of 40kph + sustained speed to reap the aero, and momentum gains, that most high end carbon bikes require from their riders. Even at lower speeds you will notice the difference. You will feel the momentum build from speeds as low as 25 kph. You will be surprised at how effortlessly you will accelerate; You will require noticeably fewer Watts to reach your target speeds. Your aero bike will climb as well as the lightest climbing bikes. And your descents will be faster, more assured and more thrilling.

    With Gram Carbon, you can truly enhance your performance, exceed your own expectations, achieve new PBs.

  • You can choose to buy one of our frames, stand alone, or as a complete bike build. Our frames come in standard sizes: ( S M L XL).

    Each frame is available in two performance options based on different lay-ups and material combinations (albeit with the highest quality carbon and resins):

    1. Atto: Out and out performance – stiffness and lightness over comfort – for stronger, more aggressive riders who are happy to sacrifice a measure of comfort for performance

    2. Yocto: Demonstrably the best combination of stiffness, lightness, and comfort, with more compliancy. For performance seekers who are not willing to compromise on comfort, our Yocto frame can offer you the best of both worlds in one frame.

    Not sure which is right for you? No worries. Try first. Email us and we will make the necessary arrangements. Once you have made your choice we will build your frame to order, and advise you on assembly choices. You can choose your paintwork too. A standard Gram frame size does not mean a standard bike!

    Let’s get started here: ordermyGram@gramcarbon.com

  • Every Gram frame is made to order. There is nothing ordinary or standard about our frames. However, you may wish for more. You may want a frame that is lighter still, or more comfortable, or in a non-standard size, that can push your performance limits even further.

    You may require more than a custom frame – you may seek a truly unique bike with a unique performance goal or outcome in mind.

    It is simple: tell us what you want and we can work with you to make it happen. Our made to measure option ranges from a bespoke carbon lay up in a standard frame size, to a non-standard frame sizes with personalised mould, to a full – from-the-ground-up custom design and build. Did we mention that we also design and build wheelsets, handlebars, crankshafts and other accessories all designed to enable performance gains?

    We can tailor a design & build service for you that are currently only available to Olympic cycling or professional teams. One of our dedicated special projects managers will design a bespoke programme based on your needs that can include 3D body scans, individualised design and computational testing services, wind tunnel testing, performance coaching.

    If performance matters enough to you, our bespoke service will work patiently and tirelessly to make it happen for you. Start your bespoke performance journey here: bespoke@gramcarbon.com

Pedaling performance results
Gram Carbon @ Ironman 70.3 Costa Navarino.
3 days in 1 minute
Gram Carbon @ Ironman 70.3 Costa Navarino.