• Gram Carbon is a post-prototype specialist bicycle manufacturer with a unique design and manufacturing knowhow read more... 
    We have used this knowhow to achieve an extraordinary feat: to produce bicycle frames and components that are both aero and incredibly light, stiff and precise, and both comfortable and absolutely thrilling to ride.
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    Our core bicycle frame capability is based on the work of Alexandros Kitselis who has spent 15 years perfecting design and manufacturing techniques inspired by Aerospace-grade technologies, initially through PhD theoretical and applied studies and through thousands of hours of prototyping.  read more about our technology here … 


  • Both aero and incredibly light, stiff and precise, comfortable and absolutely thrilling to ride. A bicycle frame moulded in one single piece. Together these characteristics produce noticeable performance gains.
    You don’t have to be capable of 40kph + sustained speed to reap the aero, and momentum gains, that most high end carbon bikes require from their riders. Even at lower speeds you will notice the difference.
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  • You can choose to buy one of our frames, stand alone, or as a complete bike build. Our frames come in multiple sizes and 2 performance options based on different lay-ups and material combinations. You can use our frames to build a road, triathlon or track bike set up.
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  • Every Gram frame is made to order. There is nothing ordinary or standard about our frames. However, you may wish for more. You may want a frame that is lighter still, or more comfortable, or in a non-standard size, that can push your performance limits even further. You may require more than a custom frame – you may seek a truly unique bike with a unique performance goal or outcome in mind. 
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How our frames are made

Our frames are handmade

The process is unique in the industry

The result is exceptional

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GramCarbon at IronMan Greece 70.3

In April 2019  we showcased our frames and bike builds at the inaugural Ironman 70.3 in Costa Navarino in Greece.  For us the expo was a major milestone because as a young company, it is the first time we have exposed our product to a highly sophisticated and experienced international audience. We were hugely encouraged by the response and feedback to the incredibly light aero frame and build Triathlon bikes we presented that can weigh in at only 6kg.  See the expo time lapse video

GramCarbon at Ironman World 70.3 Championships in Nice September 2019.

We are proud to announce our presence at the expo stand for the Nice Ironman 70.3 World championships in September 2019. Look out for more news about the event here.